Platform Features

Powerful, intuitive interface

All in one, simple dashboard

Irrigation control

Advanced mapping and heatmaps

Growing degree days, Chilling hours

Weather forecast

Alerts based on rules

More apps coming soon!

Intelligent forecasts

Combine data from Pycno sensors and local stations

Get notifications based on trends

Use local weather stations and satellite data

Predict diseases and insect growth

View any potential plant stress factors

Explore visually

Use heat-maps and colors to instantly identify trends in your field

Filter and visually analyse sensor data

Draw common crop, irrigation and soil areas

Monitor your soil

Know and understand your soil capacity

Optimise the rate and volume of water needed

Monitor soil temperature, for sensitive crops (e.g. Bulbs)

Apply phenological and disease models to your data

Select your variety and stage of crop

Predict disease and insect eruption

Calculate growing degree days

Calculate chilling hours

Understand stress factors that influence growth

Dive into data

Analyse all data coming in, spot outliers

Let your agronomist look at all the raw information

Export your data to a spreadsheet

Frequently Asked Questions

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